Keeping UP with Inner Battles

What makes college so difficult when you only have 3-4 subjects a day and you technically have all the free time in the world?


Keeping UP with Mental and Emotional Stress

They say that pressure makes diamonds and in UP, we know that we have the sufficient amount of stress we need (or that may be understating too much since we’ve got surplus). Here are some things that you can apply to your life to cope with stress!

Pursuit to Happiness

I was about to experience what it was like to be hit by a yellow bus through painful words and unfortunate events and after that, I lost my confidence in writing.

Iska Batumbakal: Keeping UP with Work+Acads Life

Being in college is hard with its many requirements. But, if you’re also pressured by financial responsibilities, acads is just one part that you have to deal with as you also have to find ways to get money while studying. This is the reason why right after I turned 18, I grabbed the opportunity to work while I’m still a continuing undergrad.