Keeping UP with the BA Org Curriculum

Hey! If you’re reading this, it may or may not be too late. Clearly though, you are in need of help. So, if nobody ever warned you about orgs, (do I smell a freshie?), here I am! Now… may Oble and all the UP statues help us..


Keeping UP at The Last Minute

Sometimes, we just can’t push ourselves to work unless we only have two hours left until the deadline. If we can hold off from doing it, we will. Before I started writing this, I was already using my laptop for two hours. What was I doing? Watching Buzzfeed videos.

Keeping UP: Thesis It!!!

The moment you think of an idea, or even encounter something inspiring, jot it down!
There are times that you have already thought of the perfect line but the second you try recall, it has completely drifted away. Even our own memory could fail us.

Keeping UP with Low-Key College Accomplishments

College is hard. Whether you’re a freshie or a “super senior”, keeping UP with all the responsibilities that come with being a college student is always difficult. Here are some simple things that you can be proud of yourself for doing- and it’s totally fine, because college sometimes sucks. 1. Waking up for your 7am…

Keeping UP: No Dress Code Culture

The freedom to choose your clothes for every school day comes with great responsibility.

Several factors are needed to consider such as the weather, your classes and activities, state of your clothes, motivation and time. How are these things connected to another? It is for you to discover. 😉

Keeping UP with your Haggard Face

…as you glance at a nearby mirror, you see the dark circles under your eyes, the red patches all over your face, and look at that, a newly formed zit has decided to grace your face. Sound familiar? Yes, as an Iskolar ng Bayan, we’ve all been there before. Lucky for us, God created makeup to disguise our blemishes.


Have you ever wondered how to include environmentalism in your life amidst the hectic schedule as an Iskolar ng Bayan? Worry no more! #CheckMoMuna this post and know the 5 simple acts you can do to have a Greener UP Lifestyle. 🙂

Keeping UP: De-stressing with Music

Some people write their way out of sadness, well me, I create right-in-the-feels playlists that I would love to share with you all, so plug in your earphones!

Cramming for Computers

Where do you go? How much do you spend? Where do you print? Well, my dear, it’s not that simple once you know your way around and how each stall works.