Iska Batumbakal: Keeping UP with Work+Acads Life

Being in college is hard—complying with unimaginable deadlines, getting little to just the right amount of sleep, sometimes having no time for social life, and so on. But if you’re also pressured by high tuition, other school fees, and everything else that involves financing your college life, acads is just one part that you have to deal with as you also have to find ways to get money while studying. This is the reason why right after I turned 18, I grabbed the opportunity to work while I’m still a continuing undergrad.

Just a quick background, three of us are now in college and it’s hard for my parents to pay for all our school expenses. Add to that are other expenses our parents need to attend to. That is why I decided to work not only part time, but FULL time in a BPO while still studying. Given my graduating status, it was very difficult for me – up until now – to balance all my academic requirements with the demand in my work; but I still manage to survive (yes, somehow I’m still alive and breathing).

I know I’m not the only one in UP who considered / is considering to work while studying, so I will share with you, our dear readers, some of the things I do that helps me in Keeping UP.
1. Manage and Organize

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Of course, this is the first thing and one of the most necessary things to do if you have to balance between two heavy and important things. I know it’s very tiring to read about managing your time and organizing your activities but I am telling you that this is really, really necessary.

You need to manage and organize all the things that you do. Manage your time very well. Instead of setting dates, include times and specific details of what you need to accomplish. As for me, I have 8 hours of work plus travel time of almost two hours, that’s already 10 hours gone for my academics. Now, I set up enough time for sleep before doing the requirements I need to do. If that’s not possible, I put all the school works in my off set which is on Wednesday and Thursday.

2. Take Some Break

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Yes, break is still vital. You need to give your mind and body some time refresh to function well again. This goes hand in hand with the “manage and organize” tip. You need to insert some breaks into the schedule that you made.

Being in a graveyard shift – working from 11PM up to 8AM – my body clock needs adjustment. Given this, I sleep in the morning and wake up at night. It took me almost two months to adjust and I’m still adjusting. Because of this, I feel sleepy all the time. Whenever I’m doing school works and I feel sleepy, I follow my body and really sleep. In this case, do all the things you need to do in the time that you feel the most energized.

3. Socialize

My team mates at work who make work a bit lighter and stress-free.

Man are born social animals. This means that there will come a time when you really need to talk to people – may it be with your friends, family, classmates or even your co-workers. In this way, you can expel stress and feel that you are not alone in what you’re currently struggling.

4. Treat Your Self

This is one of the many ways I treat myself, aside from buying make up, etc.

Yes, I know you’ve been waiting to see this. There are moments that you really need to allocate time and resources for yourself. No one can make you happier than you. It depends on how you treat yourself. You can buy that new dress or make-up or jewelry that you’ve been wanting for days. Or you can just eat yourself out. Doesn’t matter what you do, just do something that will make you feel good.

5. Think Long Term and Be Positive

“Sasablay rin ako! Onting puyat nalang!” Photo from

I know all these stress cause negativities but you need to remind yourself over and over again that this will be soon over. Think of all the consequences that your actions might bring. Think of the future that you’ve always been dreaming of. Never lose sight of what you really want and continue to strive for it. Lastly, enjoy the whole journey. Anyway, these will all come to pass and no amount of money or material things will replace the experiences you gained from these hardships you had. Remember, beautiful diamonds are those who survived from being exposed to high amounts of pressure. ☺



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