Keeping UP: Thesis It!!!

As University students, it is inevitable to create countless PAPERS – Reflection papers, Reaction papers, Project proposals, Theses; you name it! I have to be honest that sometimes it would take days or even weeks for me to finalize something before I  actually take action and do it. But during the process, as I observed myself, I noticed patterns that helped me keep up with the load and the deadlines while actually enjoying the academic process.

Worrying about the content and the deadline of your papers too much would make the scenario worse; whereas extracting your creative juices through fun and motivating exercises would make things easier! On that note, here are my 6 tips to jump start your writing!

  1. Sleep

Maybe you’d think that this tip is outrageous but the obvious truth is that sleeping helps regenerate your tired self. In line with the former idea, sleep helps you start with a fresh mind. Losing sleep affects not only your physical state but also your mental state. Take the time you pulled off a full all-nighter as an example, the following day, you’d definitely feel cranky and as we now called it- Sabog and Sabaw. If sleep is really a luxury you can’t afford at the moment, take a 10 or 20-minute power nap instead.

  1. Eat and Drink

A growling stomach is one of the most distracting things you’d ever encounter, at least for me. Eat proper meals every time and drink lots of liquids. This reminder will do you wonders.

Another rising university student practice is doing acads at cafés. The mood and the      ambiance of such places can be beneficial in the paper making process. Consider the following in deciding where to do your acads stuff, even the ones you think are trivial: Where the café is located? How much is your budget? Is the place acads conducive? Is the place well lit? Are the chairs comfortable?

  • Five Star Recommendation: Café I’m Here, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

The place encapsulates all things good and kawaii! Aside from their on-point Korean inspired interior, they have perfect study nooks and individually lit tables. Their drinks are certainly yummy. Think of their food as motivation or reward to keep you going!!!

  1. Ask

Conversing with people or communicating in general, can immensely help you in coming up with fresh and dynamic ideas. The danger in paper-making is the possibility of it being highly biased. Through this, you’d be able to cater to other perspectives as well. Consider this tip as the counterbalance to  your ideas. Conducting first-hand interviews with experts is highly advised.

  1. Write

The moment you think of an idea, or even encounter something inspiring, jot it down!

There are times that you have already thought of the perfect line but the second you try  to recall, it has completely drifted away. Even our own memory could fail us. Also, create a planner or to-do list to keep track of your tasks and priorities.

  1. Read

The more books and other references you read, the more ideas you’d get. The secret is in your repertoire. Through this, you’d be able to tackle wider schools of though and even explore the concept deeper. Just be careful with the references and bibliographies you choose. It is always best to use books and academic journals and minimize the use of internet based sources.

  1. Do it!

The 5 tips mentioned above would be useless if you would not commit to making your papers. Use the leisure you had as your motivation and inspiration in the process. Remember that writing a first contemptible draft is better than having none at all! Improve and revise it as you go along with your papers! Good luck and happy writing!



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