Keeping up with your groupmates: The 7 Types of Groupmates You’ll Encounter

            Have you ever cried out of pure joy because you finally got that GE you lined up for hours? Finally, you were able to complete your units! You enroll and after that, you excitedly go to your first day of class. Since it’s a GE class, it’s a very rare opportunity that you know someone there in the same room. After all, you all come from different colleges and various year levels. There are those lucky freshies who got the subject (thanks to their CRS priority), seniors who are just finishing their remaining GEs, and those regular students who were either lucky enough in CRS or just PATIENT enough to wait in line. And as your class starts, it is unavoidable that you will have a group work or report. Since you barely know anyone from class, you will definitely meet different types of groupmates. Here’s a list of some of them.

  1.       The Hagardo Versoza

This person definitely has a lot on his plate – from acads, to org works, and sometimes even trainings. Whenever you see them, you just wonder how many hours of sleep they get at night and how many Facebook groups and group chats they are a part of. Others make sure that they are able to reply and do their work ahead of time while others just seem to completely forget about you.

PRO TIP: Make sure to always bump your group chat just so it won’t get to the bottom of their pile of messages.

  1.       The Seenzoner

Do you ever just have that one classmate who never replies but thanks to the features of Facebook, you just know that this person has seen ALL of your messages but barely replies. Sometimes it could be as short as one-liners; “okay”, “fine”, “sure!”, and the most common of all, the like button – from the smallest to the biggest. I understand that this is not the only work this person has to do but if you already ask a question and the reply is still the like button, then it becomes worrisome. However, let’s not judge this person too much though because sometimes, they really are the ones taking note of everything, they just won’t reply. Although the most common scenario is that they just scroll past your message.

*When you accidentally open that group chat you have been avoiding and now you have to reply*


  1.       The Busy Senior

Doing a thesis is definitely the most common source of stress among seniors. More importantly, their graduation depends on this. It is no wonder that they prioritize this over any other subject they are taking together with it. And if you’re used to being the second priority of everyone, I regret to say that you went down further and made it at the bottom of the list of this senior. Don’t worry though because most of the time, they do their part as soon as they can and after that, they just disappear completely and hides back in their thesis bubble.


  1.       The Forever Alone

This person will make you want to say “daming time!” As soon as your group chat is created or by the time you have your first meeting, Forever Alone will gladly take most of the work that has to be done. By the time you submit your part for the group work, s/he will ask you to revise most of it or completely have it changed simply because s/he did not like it. By the time you finish your group work, Forever Alone has been blaming all of you for letting her do all the work.  

  1.       The Iwan Ere

This person is probably one of the worst groupmates you will ever encounter in your stay in the university. Reporting in front of the whole class is already nerve-wracking but when your group mate suddenly calls or texts you a day or even worse, an hour before your class saying he can’t make it for your report – that is going to take your anxiety to a whole other level. It makes you want to disappear from the world even for just that dreaded period or summon the Earth to swallow you up right there and then. You might want to cry but you don’t have time for it because you have to finish your report and your groupmate’s report as well. If this ever happens to you, all you have to do is calm down and tell yourself, “You got this!”


  1.       The Missing

If Iwan Ere wasn’t bad enough for you, well here’s the groupmate who will truly test your patience. This person will not show up at all. They won’t bother to reply to any of your messages even with just a simple trace that they still exist. They will make you wonder if they had already dropped their class or if they just hate your group with a burning passion.

  1.       The Responsible

Not all groupmates are a pain in the brain. Others also work well and make sure that everything is taken care of from the start ’til the end. No matter how busy this person’s life may be, he always sees to it that he replies and will not just poof into the air once he has finished his part even though it still has a lot of revisions. He also makes sure that everyone contributes and cooperates because after all, two is better than one.  Well for this case, multiple minds are definitely better than one.

As an iskolar, group works can either become a tedious work or an opportunity for you to meet and find people who will become one of your closest college friends. Not everyone cooperates and that is a sad reality we’d all have to face and deal with. Keeping up with your groupmates definitely is a hard task no matter who they may be. So step up your game and make sure to do your part!



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