Keeping UP with the BA Org Curriculum

Hey! If you’re reading this, it may or may not be too late. Clearly though, you are in need of help. So, if nobody ever warned you about orgs, (do I smell a freshie?), here I am! Now… may Oble and all the UP statues help us.

First off, let’s define what these ‘orgs’ are, so we know where to start, capiche?

N. A group of organized people for a certain purpose, following certain rules.
I.e. Political Organizations, Special Interest Organizations, Religious Organizations, Academic Organizations, Student Councils, Volunteer Groups, Community Groups, etc.

Me leading a STAND UP Rally against STS

So there; if you are a member of one, you better know what it means – commitment, more than anything. Do you not regret it yet? Do you love your orgmates and what you stand for? Do you love what you’re doing so far? Your academics still okay? If the answer to all these is yes, then you’re still okay… So far. Now, if you still want to have another organization or two, that’s when I come in.

You will be taking up a whole other curriculum – the BA Org Curriculum, and I will try my best to help you pass. Now, the first thing you have to learn is how to say no (or yes! Let’s not be too negative here). Basically, know how and when to say yes or no to commitments. To do this effectively, you have to at least have a basic grasp of your own abilities, and know what you are passionate for. I, at least, know exactly what I stand for. Wait, I forgot to say, I am an active member of three organizations, a sorority, a political alliance, and a theatre company. And yes, I do believe in all of those orgs, and what they stand for. However, what I now realize is that I overestimated myself, and underestimated the weight of my commitments. So, if you believe in a lot of things, you better make sure you can manage doing ALL of those things, in the midst of hell week.

Now, if you’re really, really sure you believe in that org, and you believe you can be an active member, go. Apply. Or join. Whatever suits your thirsty social life. But if you’re in the slightest bit ‘not feeling it’, don’t even get near that org. There are only active members, semi-active members are a myth and you should know that. Okay? Okay. Now

UP Sigma Alpha Sorority
Me at one of UP Sigma Alpha’s Events

that you have more than one org, it’s only logical you start working, aye?

Now that you have a lot on your plate, you have to know how you work as a student and as an orgmate, and eventually, master it. There is a very thin line between failing and passing in this godforsaken university, and we, BA Orgs, are always tiptoeing that thin line. So, as a human being we have to perfect the art of time management. Keeping a planner helps… Sometimes. Sometimes, not sleeping helps as well. (HA!) Whatever it is, you have to know what helps you cope. Schedule your time well, up until the last minute of your day, so you do a little bit of everything, no matter how small. Okay?

Me at a Tula Dula Performance by UP Rep
Me at a Tula Dula Performance by UP Rep

Imagine it like this, if this semester, you have an 18-unit academic load, count each of your org as 3-unit classes. THAT is the BA Org curriculum. Now, if you mastered the art, (you’ll know it coz you’re gonna be the most productive, yet most exhausted UP student in whatever cafe you’re staying right now), the only thing left to do is keep it up. Keep the passion and the productivity up. Remember whenever you’re demoralized the reason why you’re doing this, and that you can, that you have, and you will continue to do so.

I, right now have 18 units of acads, 3 units of UP Rep, 3 units of STAND UP, and 3 units of UP Sigma Alpha Sorority. Let’s just say I head an executive committee in all of those orgs, or something like that. Right now, it’s really hard. But I’m trying to keep up. Let’s?



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