Keeping UP with Low-Key College Accomplishments

College is hard. Whether you’re a freshie or a “super senior”, keeping UP with all the responsibilities that come with being a college student is always difficult. Here are some simple things that you can be proud of yourself for doing- and it’s totally fine, because college sometimes sucks.


1. Waking up for your 7am class

4:00. 4:15. 4:30. You’ve already snoozed half of your alarms but you still can’t force yourself out of your bed. You ask yourself: Why did I enroll in this PE class with this time slot? Then you remembered how hard it was to get that PE slot and you send a small prayer of thanks to God. Waking up early is really a struggle, so when you wake up before your alarm rings, you know you’ve started your day right.


2. Walking instead of riding Ikot/Toki

Of course, riding the Toki from CHK to AS is a lot faster than just walking. It is a blessing especially if your classes come oner after the other. But walking saves you a few loose changes, plus you get a chance to exercise. Besides, you’ve been planning to jog around the acad oval for months already. Walking instead of riding the Ikot/Toki makes you feel like you’re actually committing to your #BalikAlindogProgram.


3. Eating a real meal instead of eating pancit canton

With the tight schedule and lack of budget, deciding what to eat can be a bit tricky. Most students settle for pancit canton since UP is dotted with kiosks selling pancit canton combos. It’s cheap, it (somehow) satisfies your hunger, and it’s super easy to eat, but also not healthy and nakakasawa. So when you eat a rice meal (a.k.a. real meal,) you feel super proud of yourself.


4. Going to bed at a reasonable time

Or just going to bed, that is. With a lot of readings to read, exams to study for, and performances to practice, you go to bed at 3am. Sometimes, you don’t sleep at all. But when you finish your work early, you know that there is no better reward than sleep.


5. Beating the deadline

Have you ever had tons of requirements to do, you just decide to sleep? We all know how this one ends- cramming. We pride ourselves for being master crammers, claiming that we often deliver best results when it is rushed. But planning and doing a requirement beforehand, gives you more time to improve it. So when you finish a requirement early, you feel like the greatest.


6. Participating in class

You spent the whole time running your answer in your head until the professor moves to another topic and you didn’t get the chance to contribute to the class discussion. It sucks, right? So in the next class discussions, you come prepared, armed with questions and answers. At the end of the day, you emerge as the class’ Hermione Granger.


7. Getting to class in time

Given the horrendous Manila traffic, it is understandable that some of us may run a little late. Honestly speaking, you’d rather stay in bed than brave the roads of Manila. So when you get to class just before the professor calls out your name for attendance, you feel like doing a victory dance.

College requires passion and determination. So be proud of your accomplishments, even if they’re as easy as walking instead of riding a jeep or waking up early. You should always be proud of what you achieve, regardless of how small it may seem!
What are your other small victories in college? Share it with us!



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