Keeping UP: No Dress Code Culture

Do you know what makes UP different from other universities in the Philippines aside from being its own microcosm? I have one hint to give you; you will have more laundry! Yes, UP does not have any dress code and it’s a platform for self-expression! In UP, you could wear whatever you want and no one’s going to judge or blame you for it. Being who you are and wearing whatever makes you feel good and comfortable is your choice. The freedom to choose your clothes for every school day comes with great responsibility too (well… for some). Thus, it has been a common problem for UP students about what to wear next.


I will be sharing with you some tips I’ve learned from my usual attires during my stay in UP. These varies from time to time, and there are several factors that are needed to consider such as the weather (Mr. Sun, are you there?), your classes and activities on that day (aircon ba? may ganap ba me today?), the state of your clothes (can I still wear it for the nth time?), motivation and time (because sleep is <3). How are these things connected to another? It is for you to discover. 😉

  1. The Normal I-DON’T-CARE-ANYMORE

Well, I actually care. But, my priority is merely to attend my classes. What I would wear for the day depends on my mood and what clothes I could quickly grab from my clean, ready to wear section of clothes. This is very obvious especially when I’m about to be late for a class. This comes in three  forms:

a. too well-dressed for a normal day in school

b. typical attire

c. pambahay-clothes-na-nadala-sa- school

  1. The PE uniform combo

Some PE classes would require their students to wear PE uniform during their meetings. Last time I asked in Shopping Center, the PE uniform is now worth P500. (shirt – P300, shorts -P200). ANG MAHAL HUHU. Commonly, this may be worn in different formulae:

a. PE uniform shirt + shorts combo

b. PE shirt + skirt/pants/shorts fusion

c. PE shorts + whatever top u layk

  1. The ‘REPORTER AKO, WAG KA’ look

This is different from the ‘too well-dressed’ form, since you actually have a purpose on why you prepared so much to find and try on clothes for an important event. When you are the reporter, it is advisable that you wear the most appropriate attire, for it could enhance your credibility as a speaker. On these days, your friends may actually commend or tease you for it. Clothes are chosen days before.

I remember one professor saying, that it is important to wear something good during these special events, “para kahit yurak-yurakan na ng prof ang presentation mo, you can still tell yourself na maganda pa rin ako.” 

  1. UP shirt merchandise

Admit it, you too have a UP shirt merch that you wear from time to time. For some reason, I observed that it has been a norm that every isko and iska should have at least one before they graduate. I personally wear these, not because I want to brag about our school, but I just feel like wearing it.


  1. Sunny? Rainy? BE READY

Weather is unpredictable. UP makes you walk all the time and the classroom setting on each building is unique. It is most essential to know what to wear so you would be ready on what the world brings you. It is alright to wear something short, if you’re feeling hot. It is alright to cover yourself if you feel cold. However, remember that it is better to wear shorts during rainy days especially when you are a commuter. Also, do not forget to bring your umbrella and slippers! They always come in handy.

Having No Dress code in UP has its pros and cons. If you wanted to always look prepared and presentable, it would be better if you could plan your clothes ahead of time. It does not really matter if you only have a few set of clothes to choose from, for you could always maximize their uses. At the end of the day, choosing your clothes simply depends on what allows you to freely move and makes you feel confident. Lastly, it is never wrong if you wanted to repeat your clothes, just make sure that is still on its best condition (and clean).



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