Keeping UP at The Last Minute

As students, we are all quite busy in our life. It could be because of our acads, org, family, or love life. Oh wait, scratch the last one out, UP students don’t have that. But anyway, there are times when we find it very difficult to manage our time and we don’t know what to prioritize. With so many things vying for our attention, from a good novel to thick readings, what are we supposed to pick first? It even gets to the point where we have to do some things, or sometimes everything, at the last minute because we just didn’t have the time. Yeah, right

Well, that’s how I’d put it nicely. But let’s be honest. Sometimes, we just can’t push ourselves to work unless we only have two hours left until the deadline. If we can hold off from doing it, we will. Before I started writing this, I was already using my laptop for two hours. What was I doing? Watching Buzzfeed videos. If there’s something else that can entertain us besides our acads, we shall gladly let ourselves be entertained. And because we’re already so used to cramming, we do it again and again because we know we can.

If so far you’re able to relate with what I’m saying, then you should also know that this is our favorite line: “We just can’t work well if we’re not under pressure.” Perhaps it’s true, or maybe we’ve been cramming for so long that it has become a lifestyle and we no longer know how not to cram feels like. If we think that we can do it late, then we will. Clutch gaming is our forte. Malapit na deadline? Ah sige, simulan ko maya-maya…..

We have two hours left for a three page paper? Easy! But how do we do it?Most of the time, we just type what’s on top of our head and hit that keyboard like a raging monster.
Proofreading? Sorry, no time for that. Bes, nung binasa ko uli after kong ipasa, nastress ako gurl! 
Since we’re in a hurry, it’s either we keep it short and simple, or we explain things in a roundabout way just so we can meet that minimum number of words. We type in unnecessary things and for very desperate times, we use “do not” for don’t and other ways to up that word count. Or you know, gawing white yung font color ehehehehe

Cramming is nothing new to us, but we still feel the rush and the nervousness every single time. It’s like driving a car way past the speed limit and not knowing whether you’re going to crash this time around or not. And somehow it’s also addicting. When we’re able to meet the deadline, passing just a few minutes or seconds earlier than it, the feeling of success that we get from it cannot be easily explained. We always promise ourselves never to cram again, but we already know that we’ll do it again. And so the cycle continues. Fun fact: 10 minutes before the deadline ko ‘to natapos HAHAHAHA
P.S. If you have nothing better to do, you can highlight the whole text 🙂



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  1. Simon says:

    Koya/Ate naman, wag kang maoffend ah, kaso di naman na bago tong sinulat mo. Akala ko naman meron ka parang ishashare na mas profound na parang lesson mo sa kaka procrastinate (don’t worry PRO din ako sa Procrastination kaya umasa lang ako sa kung anong baka mashare mo) which forced you to change. -_-


    1. Hi, Simon! This post was written under the spirit of fun so I’m very sorry for keeping your hopes up! As much as I would love to share with you how I’ve changed my habits, the thing is I haven’t. But here are things that almost made me do so (and hopefully might help you!) and the only reason it didn’t is because for the longest time, I’ve lacked motivation to do anything. Maybe you’re different from me and this is the push that you need.
      1) Before starting what you actually have to do, you’d probably spend your time on your hobbies first. But as you do so, you’d constantly feel stressed because you can’t get that incoming deadline out of your head. Why not do your acads first? When you’re finished with everything that you have to do, you can then “reward” yourself. You won’t feel guilty anymore for being such a slacker and you can enjoy whatever hobbies you have with a calm heart, peaceful thoughts, and just full on fun!
      2) I know you keep telling yourself that you can’t work unless you’re under pressure. But have you tried not working under pressure? Because most of the time, that’s just our excuse. If you haven’t yet, you should! Without proper comparison, how would you know what works for you and what doesn’t?
      3) Being a crammer has its pros, you can do what you have to do really fast and it sort of trains you to have a quick mind to be able to do that. But here is a big con: In the future, when work is involved, cramming will instead be a hindrance to you. You won’t always produce good results when you cram. When work is involved, your output affects not just you but also the people around you. You’ve probably already experienced having a groupmate that almost ruined everything due to being late or something else, and I’m sure you were quite annoyed. Do you really want to be that groupmate? What about in the office? Everyone’s expectations of you would be high, but can you meet those expectations by producing rushed and often half-assed works? If you don’t get rid of that hobby now, you’re going to have a hard time adjusting when you start working after graduation.
      4) There must be times when you are disappointed at yourself because you know you could have done better. And often enough, the reason why you couldn’t give your best was you were rushing everything. How long are you going to keep on hurting yourself? Isn’t it the time for you to change, not just for others but also for your own well-being?
      5) Cramming is no longer helping you, instead it has continued to hurt you. If you still find yourself cramming despite all of its cons, every time after you procrastinate, write down its negative effects on you. Read them whenever you have something to do but you don’t feel like doing it. I hope that someday, that can also force you to just go and do what you have to do because you don’t want to experience all that negativity again.

      Sorry for the long comment! But since the blog post is written for fun, may this comment be the more serious one 🙂
      tl;dr: di ka pa ba pagod masaktan? stop cramming na bes, ikaw din yung pinaka naapektuhan 😦


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