Keeping UP: All-Nighter Spots near UP

A lot of UP students like to work under pressure a.k.a cramming including me. Most of us pull an all-nighter to prepare for an exam or to accomplish the paper needed the following day with our Kopiko 78 or a cup of coffee beside our notes as we struggle not to sleep at our dorms/boarding houses, but have you experienced napping and not waking up at your alarm as you look at your phone it’s already six in the morning? Next time you decide to pull an all-nighter, I would suggest that you go to a 24/7 restaurant or café near UP since a lot of people there are cramming and studying same as you. It seems as though you are cheering one another telepathically “We are all in this together! We can do this! Sleep is for the weak!”, you won’t even fall asleep because of the active environment. So here is the list of 24/7 restaurants and cafes near UP that I am going to share with you.


Photos grabbed from Bo’s Coffee Facebook Page

Address: 329 Katipunan Road cor. B. Gonzales Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108

Bo’s Coffee is one of the well-known all-nighter spots near UP. The aromatic smell of coffee makes the ambiance calmer, cozy and conducive for learning which makes students come back. By buying their homegrown coffee, you also support our local coffee farmers. You should try to explore their menu; they offer varieties of coffee, frappe, barako, brewed coffee etc.  If you prefer frappe, I would recommend their Froccino with coffee jelly. If you regularly go there, don’t forget to download their mobile app because, instead of stamp card or reward card, this app lets you earn points for every drink you purchase and later exchange it for rewards.

It’s not far from UP, just ride a Katipunan jeep and drop off at Bo’s coffee, it’s after the second stoplight from UP. Excitingly, they will be having a branch in Maginhawa which is actually nearer in UP.

(/) WiFi

(/) Coffee

(/) Outlet

Days: Open from Monday to Sunday (24/7)

  1. RECOVERY FOOD in UP Town Center 

Yes there is a 24/7 restaurant in UP Town Center, maybe you haven’t heard of this because it has been recently opened. Recovery Food offers rice-a-bowls, noodles, sandwiches, sweets and beverages enough for your hungry tummy and midnight cravings at the right price. You could also put a sticky note on their outsize cork board just for fun, maybe an inspirational quote to motivate yourself for that matter.

(/) WiFi

(/) Coffee (P60.00)

(/) Outlet (in every corner of the restaurant)

Best Seller Food: Tapa de Morning (P180.00)

Days: Open from Monday to Sunday; even holidays (24/7)

3. SINANGAG STATIONimg_3250 Address: #79 Maginhawa Street

Sinangag Station is located in Maginhawa near Holy Family School of Quezon City and Taste of Heaven. Even though it is not air-conditioned and small  but at least they serve affordable silog meals and it’s one of the few 24-hr places in Maginhawa. Just one ride from KNL arko or you could also walk, it’s only 15 mins away from KNL arko.

(X) WiFi

(/) Coffee (P50.00)

(/) Outlet

Best Seller Food: Tapa, Bangus, Sisig

Days: Open from Monday to Sunday (24/7)


img_3274Address: #22 Malingap St. Teacher’s Village

Angus Tapa Centrale is the home of the original organic Angus and Wagyu Beef Tapas. It’s the best tapa I have ever tasted! Although the food is somehow expensive it’s totally worth it. They also have desserts, cakes, appetizers to satisfy your midnight cravings. There is also a cabled television. I must say this is one of the recommended places where you could pull an all-nighter since it is far from the busy streets of Maginhawa. I would suggest that you take the tricycle rather because it would take you 30 mins to go there by walking from the KNL arko.


(/) WiFi

(/) Coffee

(/) Outlet (at the counter only)

Best Seller Food: Angus Beef Tapa

Days: Open from Monday to Sunday (24/7)



This is another well-known coffee shop in town, Starbucks. The Starbucks in Technohub is open 24 hours; however, the Starbucks in Katipunan closes at 2am. It is still customer-centric because of their free wi-fi, friendly waiters and cashier, and cozy environment. If you choose to do your all-nighter here for sure you would see a lot of working people here that keeps the shop alive and would help you not to fall asleep.

(/) WiFi

(/) Coffee (P100.00-P200.00)

(/) Outlet

Best Seller Food: Doughnuts

Days: Open from Monday to Friday (24/7); Saturday until 2am; Sunday until 12mn



The Rufo’s in Technohub is spacious and peaceful. You should try their best seller since 1984, Rufo’s Tapa. They also serve affordable all-day breakfasts ranging from P70.00 to P120.00.

(/) WiFi

(/) Coffee (P36.00)

(X) Outlet

Best Seller Food: Tapa (P119.00)

Days: Open from Monday to Sunday (24/7)


7. DILIGENCE CAFE (most recommended)


This is a new café in town and an ideal place for night owls. It is not a 24/7 café since it opens at 2:30pm and closes at 7am. Just for P60/hr or P350/day you may use their unlimited high-speed internet connection and power outlet, drink unlimited coffee or iced tea, and take a nap with the pillow that they’ll be giving you. They also have lockers where you could put things just for P40/day or if you feel like you would be there every day you may leave your things for P200/week or P700/month. Isn’t it convenient? 


(/) WiFi

(/) Coffee: unlimited

(/) Outlet

Best Seller Food: Crispy Corned Beef (P120.00)

Days: Open from Monday to Sunday


However, if you do not need to use wi-fi (to avoid distractions) and power supply for your laptop, just your notes, these are the places you could study at; nevertheless, take note that these places could be visited by a lot of people who may hinder you to concentrate in your study.

(X) WiFi

(/) Coffee

(X) Outlet

  • McDonald’s Katipunan and Philcoa
    •  (Coffee: P42.00)
  • Jollibee Philcoa
    • (Coffee: P50.00; Hot Choco: P40.00)
  • KFC Technohub, Philcoa and Katipunan
    • (Coffee: P36.00; Best Seller: Fill-up box)
  • Army Navy Technohub
    • (Coffee: P50.00; Best Seller: Burger)
  • Yellow Cab Technohub
    • (Coffee: P65.00; Best Seller: Pizza)
  • Pizza Hut Technohub
    • (Coffee: P59.00; Best Seller: Pizza Super Supreme)
  • Coco Hut Technohub
    • (Coffee: P50.00; Best Seller: Spicy and Classic Chicken)

We cannot prevent pulling an all-nighter or cramming the night before the deadline or an exam, but I’d like to remind you that it is detrimental to our body if you do this often. Sleep deprivation impairs our memory and concentration, as a result, may lead to low grades. By the way, the aforementioned places can also be a go-to place for good food after drunken nights out. 😉 So after your exam if it feels like you’re going to fail or pass, go treat yourself with friends at your favorite all-nighter place. I hope this blog helped you! Let’s go mga Iskolar ng bayan!

P.S. All the photos that I used here were taken by me except for the Bo’s Coffee pictures.



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