Have you ever wondered what miraculous things happen in the green fields at UP when it’s covered by the shroud of night?

Well, I can tell you about the green but, alas, they’re not about the hearsay’s, because the green in this post is not the you-know-green-minded-dirty-minded thing.

“If you know what I mean” Tom Hiddleston style!     Source:

The green I’ll be sharing with you is how you can be green-minded amidst the Maroon-blooded hectic and busy life. You can do simple things for the environment even if it’s your hell week, cram, or regular day. You read it right! Unlike our readings (pardon me for saying this), the simple acts for the environment are DEFINITELY NOT time-consuming tasks, even more so if you make it into a habit. 

I came to realize that living the green advocacy equates to allowing the vision of environmentalism to live on. Now, if you want to know more of the UP green hacks, feel free to scroll and read through!

Here are some green hacks that I’ve learned from living the advocacy of a greener UP lifestyle:

1.) 3R plus 1. Reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse! I know that this may sound cliché but you should include this mantra in your life. Reduce what you can avoid buying, and maybe reuse a used paper as a scratch paper. Recycle the blank side of your old readings for new ones. Also! know how to refuse, not only in your love life but also in your green life. Refuse brochures if you are not going to read it anyway (*paasa* ehem), refuse Styrofoam, and refuse plastics as much as you can.

I’ve made an infographic for you! 🙂

2.)   Tumbler and baon. This is a must! In order to reduce our wastes, bring a water tumbler and baunan. For your water container, there are a lot of water refilling places in UP for FREE. There are two in AS: one in front of AS 101 and the other beside the College Office of CAL, one at the 2nd floor of Benitez, another at Vinzons Canteen (University Food Center), and the list could go on! You can avoid buying a plastic water bottle. Bring your water tumbler and refill! It saves the earth and also your wallet! Of course, let’s not forget to bring a baunan, because sometimes there are food vendors who charge P10.00 for take-outs (I’m looking at you SC -_-). Baunan will also reduce the disposable paper plates and plastic utensils. Imagine, you consumed one less plastic that will last for a million years!

I can’t help but include this here! Source: 🙂

3.) Avoid using disposables and straws. Bring your own baunan to avoid using disposables. It’s used once but it lasts a million more times compared to the duration you used it. Now let’s focus on straws. Please, as much as you can avoid the use of plastic straws, avoid it because straws can kill! Imagine, pangsipsip na, plastic pa!

4.)   #VegetarianForADay. This may sound sad for meat-lovers but consuming meat more than we need is bad for you and for the environment. You see, in the meat market industry, they convert wildlife habitats to an area specifically for grazing or areas as plantation for crops mainly to be fed to billions of cows who produces more greenhouse gases than other forms. So if you consume less, the production would also be lesser too. Commit one day, and that would be enough and okay.  

5.) Walk-a-ton. Walk and walk and lose a ton of calories. This is not new for you! This is part of the #TatakUP in you which is triggered by the enlistment a.k.a., UP hunger games! However, this walking habit we learned from UP should also be embraced when we graduate from the university.


BONUS! Immerse in nature. You’ll be renewed, refreshed, and recharged! You earn and deserve this after all the simple acts you’ve done! Congratulations!


That’s all I know for now! Explore and have a greener lifestyle! As you have fun exploring the greener ways, you are also helping the environment! A simple act made by multiple individuals will result to a big impact! In living the greener advocacy, you are never alone. Stay earth-ducated! Have a UP nature loving day!




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