Keeping UP: De-stressing with Music

Music has been such a big part of my life since I was just a kid. I remember waking up to Bee Gees’ and The Beatles’ songs playing on my dad’s cassette player every morning, I would jump out of the bed and run straight towards the mirror to lip sync. One of the best days of my life was when I got a Sony Ericsson Walkman W900 as a birthday present, while my cousins were playing with kitchen play sets and Polly pockets, I was listening to Air Supply and Whitney Houston. I find it really hard to explain why I love music so much. The feeling that I get whenever I am listening to a soothing melody with stirring lyrics is just… ineffable.

Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means a singer! I am just someone whose love for music gets stronger every day (and will not survive school without earphones). It has been my refuge whenever life tries to throw all sorts of problems my way, when I feel like I have disappointed someone (or myself), screwed up heavy on an exam, whenever I have problems with self-esteem, or I just want to get the bad thoughts out of my head and into the air, I turn to music for some motivation and strength.

Some people write their way out of sadness, well me, I create right-in-the-feels playlists that I would love to share with you all, so plug in your earphones!


After a long and tiring day at school, at long last you can (almost…but not quite yet) go home! You just have to deal with other commuters who, just like you, are willing to sell their soul to get inside a UV Express van (may the odds be ever in your favor). Getting a seat inside a van is definitely one of the most fulfilling feelings… finally, a chance to catch up on sleep!


Good for you I have a created a playlist that will:

  1. Certainly help you sleep more peacefully (since there will always be an annoyingly talkative passenger in every UV express van).
  2. Lift your spirit up after an energy-depleting day.
  3. Make you contemplate deeply about your non-acad problems (instant music video).

Indulge your sense of hearing with down tempo, chill out, soul, and classic oldies tracks!

(It may not work on a mobile phone)


It’s 11:30AM and you are in desperate need of some shut-eye because you barely slept last night so you decide to head to the library. But quiet little voices creep into your head….


Shoot! You have to study for an exam. You certainly need some good music to wake up all your senses. Do not worry, I got you!

Main lib.png

Here’s a playlist of upbeat pop, chillstep, melodic dubstep, and indie pop jams that will set your mood!


2.pngWhen you try your best but you don’t succeed, when your motivation has been washed down the sink, when you are feeling blue because you feel like you’re not doing enough in life, scream out loud! Your screaming is music! Then plug in the headset and turn up the volume.

Here is a playlist for you, beautiful human.

Hold on a little bit more… You will get there

(It may not work on a mobile phone)


✓ Eyelids drooping

✓ Stomach growling

✓ Brain hurting

✓ Soul craving for some pure fun

You deserve some time off to chill and replenish your shrinking soul!


If you are thinking of throwing an epic house party or going on a long road trip, here is a playlist that will get you and your fam in full YOLO mode!

(It may not work on a mobile phone)


I hope these four awesome playlists help those of you who are super stressed out about school!

Did you know that according to studies, listening to music actually releases mood-enhancing chemical in the brain? So, do not forget to give your brain a break once in awhile, boost your Dopamine levels! Get your earphones, plug-in, and chillax!



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