Keeping UP with the “Call of Nature”

One thing I have observed from the hundreds of iskos and iskas I have interacted with is that there are two kinds of people: those who think talking about “the call of nature” is taboo and those who are very open about it. Whichever type you fall under, one thing we can never deny to ourselves is that it happens. If you don’t ever get the call of nature, I suggest you go to the doctor and find out what’s wrong with you because I’m certain something is. To all those who have received the call of nature while in UP, there’s nothing to be ashamed of; I’ve been through the same experience (a couple of times. oops!), and I’m here to help you keep up with it!


It could get bad when you get the call of nature, especially when it’s urgent. In surviving the UP life, you have to know where to go when you feel the call. If you still have a few minutes to think about where to go and take a “Number 1” or a “Number 2”, here’s a list of restrooms in UP Diliman that you might like to run to. When looking for a place to let it out, the criteria we usually consider are cleanliness and the presence of a flush. Having a bidet is a big bonus too! From all the comfort rooms I’ve ever used (yes, that’s the female restroom!), and those I intentionally visited just to help you out, here are three of the best comfort rooms in UP Diliman that really highlight “comfort”.

  1. Malcolm Hall (UP College of Law)

The excellence felt from the first step you make in Malcolm Hall is present even in the comfort room. The white tiles give off that executive feel and helps you have a pleasant time in the comfort room. Sa UP College of Law building, LAWging malinis!

  1. National Institute of Geological Sciences

It may not be at the heart of the campus, but NIGS has a lot to offer with regards to their comfort room. When your friends ask you where you’ve been, don’t be afraid to tell them, “NIGSi-R lang ako :—)

  1. School of Economics

The School of Economics is one of the buildings in UP that has the best rooms; not only for classes but also for special emergencies. Just stepping in the room already gives you relief; so when you’re done, Econ-gratulate mo ang sarili mo!

Knowing the fairest of them all helps a lot, but what if you no longer have the time and energy to run to these places? Worry not, because I gotchu fam!! Here’s a list of my personal ratings of most of the restrooms in UP Diliman based on its cleanliness and ambiance, along with a checklist of bonuses you might be looking for in a restroom.

Here’s what the ratings mean:

  • 5 – The best!!!
  • 4 – Decent
  • 3 – Good enough
  • 2 – Needs improvement
  • 1 – Just. Don’t.
  • X.5 – something in between


Even in times of desperation, there is still a chance to find a place of comfort that would help you detoxify and regain your strength and energy to study. Once you have let it all out and have answered the call of nature, you will be ready to answer other calls you will encounter in your UP life. Push mo lang ‘yan, Isko!



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