Keeping UP: Quick Bites

There are a lot of things I do everyday – study for school, do research works, organize class projects, work, and the list goes on. But there’s one thing I do before I start knocking out my to-do list, it’s to EAT!

I eat a lot.

There’s no denying it. You’ll find me munching on some unplanned quick bites because who doesn’t love to chew on some gastronomic cravings? Luckily UP Diliman campus has a wide range of food selections; from the famous Mang Larry’s Isawan all the way to Chocolate Kiss Café. But aside from the most common food places around the campus, there are various selection of food stalls around that you can try and visit to satisfy that grumbling belly of yours!

So if you’re like me who loves to eat A LOT, forget about your to-do list for a minute, call out your squad because here’s my top 3 affordable quick bite choices inside UP Diliman campus that you should try:



If you’re in the mood for a pica-pica foodtrip, ARKIVICKIE is just around the corner! A kiosk located outside College of Architecture. They’re known for their “Siomai and Pandan Milk Tea (PANTEA)” combo and I found it quite interesting myself; what sets their siomai from the rest is its unique twist of quail egg siomai! Their PANTEA, on the other hand, is a mixture of sweet creamy caramel that will ease the humid temperature around the campus. ARKIVICKIE also sells kikiam, pancit canton on the go, and other cool finds to see for yourself.


Price: Quail egg siomai – P40, Pandan milk tea (PANTEA) – P25



Deep inside UP’s streets, you will find LAZEEZ SHAWARMA & KEBAB along J.P. Laurel street or more commonly referred to as Area 2. Their shawarma is too good for their price, imagine availing their combo which costs 85 pesos for 2 shawarma wraps? Now that’s a good deal!5.jpg

They also serve shawarma rice for those who prefer a heavy meal.

Photo grabbed from TAPSILOU’s Facebook page

Now let’s be honest, sometimes a light bite ain’t enough for our growling tummies. Close to Area 2 you’ll find TAPSILOU, they serve all-day breakfast meals so if you’re the type of person who loves to eat breakfast food at any given time, this is the place for you! TAPSILOU opens at 6AM from Mondays to Saturdays.

What’s their best seller? Yup, you guessed it right – Tapsilog! The savory Pinoy tapa will definitely get you going and energizes you to knock out that long to-do list. Next on their best seller list that you should try are Hunggariansilog, Baconsilog, and Lugaw.

Photo by Daniel Paringit

Did you know that the owner of TAPSILOU is a fellow Isko? And if you’re a UP athlete like him, here’s a good news for you: to show their support for all the extra efforts of aiming to bring home the glory, TAPSILOU offers free 1 extra rice for all their UP athlete customers! Go #UPFight!

Like their Facebook page here

You don’t have to go far to treat yourself some well-deserved gastronomic eats. UP Diliman campus have a lot to offer – from tasty and affordable food selections to tons of green scenery – and it’s one of the best places to stop and forget about that long to-do list for a minute and relax. Go ahead, feed that grumbling tummy of yours. You deserve it!



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