Cramming for Computers

You find yourself too tired to do homework last night but find yourself late and rushing the next day to cram a paper or a written work. Where do you go? How much do you spend? Where do you print? Well, my dear, it’s not that simple once you know your way around and how each stall works. Usually, your safe bet is SC, but if you prefer to stay closer to the Acad Oval, you have a few options.

Allow me to name a few:

  • Each college has a library and a computer lab you can utilize. Most have access to internet connections. Your local college, if they have the spare PC, will help you type out that paper and print. Pros include the convenience of location. Some computer labs don’t coordinate with libraries and charge separately from the pink card, however (I’M LOOKING AT YOU CSSP). The rates are understandably cheap, though, except for weird rules about Cellphone VS Laptop charges. Cons are typical of those of computer shops: PC availability, varying connection speeds. But my biggest gripe is the printing price: Php5 PER PAGE. Gurl, that is just… NO.
  • Main Lib has more computers, BUT everyone flocks there. They also have laptop space, and lots more space and books to utilize. Same pros and cons as above, except that they are Linux and/or Mac computers. If you know how to use them, good! If not, well, it’s either intuitive or you need help. Dire help.

Handy tip: The Macs have that video-editing software you could use, so for video projects, you could opt to pay Php20/hour instead of using the pink card and work on that video project you need. Burning CD’s will have to be done elsewhere, though.

  • Vinzons’ branch of Blessings is a computer shop and a photocopying location, so it’s a hub for theses builders. It’s a haven of sorts, too. The bad news is that most won’t be Mac or Windows 8 (they run Windows XP, around adequate), but their Microsoft Office is thankfully adequate. These PC’s run on Windows XP, so don’t expect too much but browsing, typing, and printing. The con would be how the servers just get swamped with printing material and how some of their PC’s just won’t cooperate. Still, you get your bang for your buck.
  • Shopping Center, colloquially known as SC, is the one-stop shop for most student needs: supplies, photos, haircuts, clothes, computers, photocopiers, food, and banks. The humble place has the benefit of having everything you need within reach, and it takes a humble jeep ride just to get there, if you don’t mind trekking on foot (I don’t.) Its location leaves much to be desired for those around the Science Oval or those even more away from it, but it’s a handy place to be. Because of that, however, they are often packed around rush hours of lunch time and dismissals. It’s a good place for people with odd hours, not so much on regular hours. As UP students, though, we’ve endured so much that we don’t really pay much attention to waiting.

So, the next time you have a paper to do, consider these places and make sure your work comes out spiffy and flawless. Don’t make that paper look as rushed as it really was! Happy writing!



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